Selecting a Kitchen Backsplash

Hi Neighbors!

I know, I know! I am a few days late on my newsletter! I have a very valid reason, of course! Bob and I are working on our kitchen backsplash.

Here is a little story for you, like all people, we love working on, and updating, our home. I have an adorable little spec home built in 2007. The countertops were a nice Corian, very safe in color. The previous owner of the home DID NOT like hot plates and took every opportunity to lay hot pots on my countertops. For shame, I know! This resulted in several large cracks in the tops.

When selecting a replacement, we went with Formica laminate tops. You can get a great color selection at an entry level price point with laminate tops. Formica is a brand of laminate we carry, and I know their tops will withstand anything. I had my tops replaced in June...of 2014...This is August 2015! We have finally selected a tile for the backsplash and are working on getting it installed!

My tops are dark and my cabinets are a high shine natural oak. I wanted to tone down theyellow color in the cabinets and pull out some of the brown and gray in the grain. I FINALLY selected a 2x4 mesh-mounted mosaic from Marazzi's Walnut Canyon series.

Marazzi Walnut Canyon Backsplash - Crossville Wholesale Carpet

I chose this for a couple of reasons. I love the brick pattern in a kitchen. My fireplace, which you see upon entering the home, is fieldstone. All of the same colors in this mosaic are in the stack stone fireplace. You can see the kitchen wall upon entering the home as well. My countertops are brown, gray, black and umber. I thought this tile might compliment them well.

We have a large area behind the sink and I wanted a decorative insert. Bob made it happen. I selected the Walnut Canyon Cream color 6x6 installed on a diamond with 2x2 metal inserts from Crossville Tile and a .5x12 metal linear from Questech to frame the accent section.

Marazzi Walnut Canyon Cream Backsplash - Crossville Wholesale Carpet Metal Tile Backsplash - Crossville Wholesale Carpet

Questech Metal Linear Backsplash - Crossville Wholesale Carpet

Here a few pictures of our work in progress...and as you can see when I say we have been working on a backsplash, I mean Bob...

Kitchen Backsplash Before - Crossville Wholesale Carpet

This is a before shot. I have selected a color of paint for the wall called natural choice from Sherwin Williams to cover the yellow. I hope this, with the grays and browns of the tile, will tone down the gold in the cabinets. You can see where Bob will be setting the decorative insert. To the right of the sink he has a few cut pieces. Ignore the baby bottles in the sink! Life happens...

Kitchen Backsplash In Progress- Crossville Wholesale Carpet

Here, Bob is setting spacers in between the mounted sheets of the mosaic to keep the grout lines even. The float he has on the towel is what he is using to press each piece firmly into the thinset. You can see he used painters tape to cover my outlets.

Kitchen Backsplash In Progress- Crossville Wholesale Carpet

Isn't he a good man?! This is a good look at the decorative insert he created using the pieces above I selected. It is shadowed in this picture, but you can see above, the cream really comes out in the countertops! We selected the grout color this weekend. Before it was installed, I was determined to use light pewter from TEC. We have gray walls in the adjoining living room and I just knew nothing but gray would do! Wrong! There is a color called silhouette by TEC. It is chocolate with a hint of gray and it is perfect.

I hope you have enjoyed a peek into our home. We will have some more pictures for you soon. Please let me know if you need any help deciding on a backsplash for your home. As you can tell, it takes time to feel confident about the decision and we are happy to assist you in the process. Perhaps it will not take you a full year to make a decision...

Below are the links to the manufacturer website for each piece if you want to take a closer look. I have also included a link at the bottom to browse for backsplash ideas on Houzz.

Marazzi Walnut Canyon Series

Questech Linear

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