7 Current Flooring Trends You Should Know About

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Styles come and go. If you have been shopping in home furnishings this year, you may have seen a style reminding you of a circa 1950 kitchen, perhaps the carpet color choices are something you have never thought of using. Designers are constantly making changes to add life and style to a space. Flooring can be the statement you need to set your room apart.The perfect hardwood can take your recessed, traditional great room to a warm, inviting den perfect for relaxing with 
"the Mr." on your sofa. 
We see many ideas come through our samples from the manufacturers. Sometimes these ideas do not take off in our market because of home sales, age, taste or incomplete design. Below is a list of a few things that have made an impact on our showroom. We have seen these enough to label them "Crossville Trends".

1. Dark Colored Hardwood
I have customers who request a "black" floor. This can make a fantastic base in your room for lighter decor, walls and furniture. Colors like espresso and ebony are used to describe this shade. Depending on the type of wood you select, you will have hints of red, purple or yellow in the color. This is wonderful to pull a contemporary room together with bright accent pieces and/or colorful contemporary rugs. We caution people on the dark hardwood if you are not an everyday cleaner. It requires a lot of upkeep as the stain will show every speck of lint and dust. However, it hides a multitude of sins when it comes to scratches! 
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2. Gray
If you want gray, you can have it! Gray has found its way into all product segments. It has become particularly strong in the hardwood and laminate products. We encourage people to really work on the overall design of the room when selecting gray toned products. It can quickly become cold and stark. With proper texture in your area rugs and furniture, such as a deep shag carpet or plush cushions on the sofa, you can bring dimension into the room. Most of the manufacturers will add a hint of brown in all things grey. This is to keep it from being industrial in style and more life-like in the tile and vinyl segments. 
View Gray Hardwood Photos.

3. Wide Planks
Bigger is better in all hard surface segments! Many clients struggle to accept the large format tile; 16", 24" even 48". The larger the tile, the bigger your room will appear. This is because with small tiles, you have more grout lines. This makes more breaks across the floor. As your eyes sweep the room, your vision is naturally drawn to those breaks. Remove the breaks (grout joints) and you have created an open field of vision. Manufacturers are dropping the small sizes and embracing large format tiles. Don't forget, it is less grout to clean! 
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This holds true in the hardwood world as well. The wider planks are popular across all customer segments. The 2.25" hardwood is seen as a more traditional look and customers are interested in transitional these days. If you like the wide planks, we encourage you to consider engineered wood or laminate. Wide, solid planks are a bit temperamental over crawl spaces. 
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4. Acacia
It is back! Acacia was a very strong product for the market 5 or 6 years ago. It has made a strong comeback in 2015. Availability is back up in the market and manufacturers are using the wide color variation to their advantage. Acacia takes a stain very well and can emulate many exotic woods. You can get the look of a tigerwood without the high price tag. 
View Acacia Wood Photos.

5. Luxury Vinyl Tiles and Planks
This is the best thing to happen in flooring since hand-scraped hardwood! Luxury tiles are made with a vinyl top and a composite back of limestone, sandstone, PVC or cork. These are individual pieces which can be glued down, floated, loose layed or clicked together. They carry strong warranties, can with stand water and can be used in commercial applications. Luxury vinyl tiles are manufactured to look like tile, stone and hardwood. The detail and dimension will have neighbors second guessing if you purchased the real thing. We like them because they are easy to install, last a long time, warm underfoot and are quiet to walk on. 
View Luxury Vinyl Photos.

6. Pattern Carpet
Cut and loop carpet is back with a big statement in today's carpet samples. Manufacturers have worked hard to add texture by using multiple color fibers, height differences and striking patterns. Inspiration is coming from nature, allowing you to bring the look of the beach or the forest into your home. The simple designs add life to a large room that could otherwise look barren with a wide expanse of carpet without texture. Patterns with cut and loop carpet do now show foot traffic as easily and hold up well to constant use. These styles are great to use as an area rug when you are working with patterned furniture, or bold decor, as you can find a solid color with a beautiful pattern to compliment existing items in your space. 
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7. Soft Carpet
Ahh... pure luxury! The trend today is to go soft on your carpet. Nothing feels better than sinking your feet into thick soft fibers. Be aware that to make the fiber softer, they must make it thinner during manufacturing. This can cause the carpet to show wear more quickly than some heartier fibers. Softer fibers are a bit more difficult to vacuum as they can easily be caught in beater bars. We encourage you to select a vacuum certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute. Master bedrooms are a great place for soft, rich carpet. 
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There you have it neighbors. I hope you have received a few good ideas for your home in learning about these current trends in the flooring industry. We carry a full line of floor coverings in all styles.No matter if you are Southern Living, Transitional, Industrial or perhaps even Mediterranean in taste, we have something for you. 

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